Wednesday, June 26th

14.00-16.30:  Registration and poster set up

16.30-16.45:  Opening ceremony:       

V. Peretti, Chairman
L. Iannuzzi, Co-chairman
A. Anastasio, Director of the DMVPA
A. Scaloni, Director of the CNR-ISPAAM
S. D’Auria, Director of the Bio-Agri-Food Science Department, CNR

16.45-17.00: Dr. James (Jim) Womack obituary (Dr. Penny Riggs)

General Opening Session 1: Chairpersons: Salvatore Francesco, Pauciullo Alfredo 

17.00-17.40: Lecture 1: Switonski Marek - Cytogenetic diagnostics - from Giemsa staining to SNP microarray and NGS.
17.40-18.20: Lecture 2: Ajmone-Marsan Paolo - Bovine research: from Genomics to Epigenomics.
18.20-19.00: Lecture 3: Drogemuller Cord - Clinical Veterinary Genetics in the Age of Whole Genome Sequencing

19.30: Welcome reception (Royal Continental Hotel)

Thursday, June 27th

9.00-10.30: Session 2: Cytogenetics and Genomics in Animal Diagnostics
                   Chairpersons: Pinton Alain, Bugno-Poniewierzka Monika

09.00-9.30: Lecture 4: Capitan Aurelien - Detection and characterization of cytogenetic defects in cattle using large genotypic and phenotypic data sets generated for                          genomic evaluation.

09.30-10.00: Lecture 5: Parma Pietro - The impact of Bioinformatics in Animal Cytogenetics.

10.00-10.15: Pistucci R, Parma P, Cimmino R, Neglia G, Iannuzzi A. Sperm-FISH Analysis for Validating Sexed Italian Mediterranean River Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Semen

10.15-10.30: Moreno-Millán M, Encina A, Bugno Poniewierzka M, Valera M, Demyda Peyrás S - Three new 65,XXY horses detected using medium-density genomic screening    in the Pura Raza Español breed.

10.30-11.00: Coffee break and poster vision

11.00-13.40: Session 3: Advanced in Water Buffalo Genomics and Epigenomics
                    Chairpersons: Chillemi Giovanni, Castiglioni Bianca

11.00-11.30: Lecture 6: John Williams - The water buffalo genome sequencing: history, gains and future perspectives.

11.30-12.00: Lecture 7: Di Maggio F.  / Toscano E.  - Whole genome of a male water buffalo, obtained by Nanopore Technology long-reads sequencing, generates high          quality de novo assembly and provides first hints on Y chromosome.

12.00-12.15: Milanesi M, Pietrucci D, Picarone L, Vignali G, Cosenza G, Gomez M, Chillemi G - Genomic structure of Mediterranean Buffalo breed: a variant analysis for a new   dedicated SNP array.

12.15-12.30: Albarella S, Pugliano M, D’Anza E, Cascone I, Matera R, Longobardi V, Galli T, Fichi G, Peretti V, Ciotola F - Polymorphisms of MBL2 and LTF genes in Mediterranean Italian River Buffalo (MIRB) (Bubalus bubalis) and association with mastitis.

12.30-12.45: Cascone I, López-Catalina A, Albarella S, Ciotola F, Cosenza G, Salzano A, Peretti V, González-Recio O. Methylation study in mediterranean italian river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): preliminary results.

12.45-13.00: Fulgione A, Iovane V, Gentile A, Capparelli R - TLR2 polymorphisms modelling and Italian Mediterranean water Buffalo brucellosis.

13.00-13.15: Nunziato M, Di Maggio F, Sepe L, Toscano E, Boccia A, Cimmino R, Paolella G, Salvatore F- Third-generation sequencing by nanopore technology of unrelated 22 male and 10 female water buffalo to search for haplotype differences by SNPs analyses.

13.15-13.30: Iovane V, Fulgione A, Gentile A, Capparelli R - In silico analysis to predict SNPs effects in Mediterranean water buffalo.

13.30-13.50: Presentation of the Avantor - VWR International (sponsor)

13.50-14.50: Lunch and poster vision

14.50-16.10 - Session 4: Comparative Cytogenetics and Genomics
                      Chairperson: Fedorov Anton, Adega Filomena

14.50-15.20: Lecture 8: Chaves Raquel - Satellite DNA and RNA: advances and challenges.

15.20-15.35: Ekkeh H, Feuda R, Tomaszewska P, Kirtiklis L, Mustafa S, Li R, Chaves R, Adega F, Schwarzacher T, Heslop-Harrsion P. - The nature and organization of repetitive DNA in the genome of goat, Capra hircus.

15.35-15.50: Riggs PK – In pursuit of high-resolution chromosome banding: brief review in memory of Mogens Ronne (6 November 1941- 29 March 2018).

15.50-16.10: - Liang J, Rose N, Brusentsov II, Lukyanchikova V, Karagodin DA, Feng Y, Yurchenko AA, Sharakhov IV1, McBride CS, Sharakhova MV - Chromosomal inversions and their potential impact on evolution of mosquito Aedes aegypti.

16.10-16.30: Coffee break and poster vision

16.30-17.45: Session 5: Mutagenesis and Biomonitoring using Cytogenetic and Genomic Tests
                    Chairpersons: Riggs Penny, Deudukh Dmitrij

16.30-17.00: Lecture 9: Iannuzzi Alessandra - Cytogenetic and Genomic Biomarkers: A Glimpse into the Latest Advances.

17.00-17.15: Pauciullo A, Gaspa G, Genualdo V, Rossetti C, Perucatti A, Rastello L, Gerbelle M, Galli A, Guidou C, Trespeuch C, Gasco L, Renna M - Effect of dietary Hermetia illucens oil on bovine genome stability: a sister chromatid exchange (SCE) study.

17.15-17.30: Gonella A, Perucatti A, Pistucci R, Iannuzzi L, Peruffo A. A screening methodology of the cell nuclei based on functional status of the chromatin in ziphius cavirostris.

17.30-17.45: Pistucci R, Amato R, Iommelli P, Tudisco R, Infascelli F, Iannuzzi A, Sarubbi F. Investigating the impact of short-term environmental stress on telomere length in goats.

17.45-19.00: Session 6: Cytogenetics and Genomics of Non-Mammalian Vertebrates
                     Chairpersons: Olmo Ettore, Ocalewicz Konrad

17.45-18.15: Lecture 10: Romeo Teresa - Billfish in the Mediterranean sea: genetic and tagging approach to study large pelagic fish.

18.15-18.30: Ocalewicz K, Panasiak L – Telomere length dynamics and expression of telomerase trascriptase (TERT) gene in diploid and triploid rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) females.

18.30-18.45: Fedorov A, Krasikova A - Oocyte nuclear RNA profiles along centromere and subtelomere regions of the telomere-to-telomere chicken genome assembly.

18.45-19.00: Dedukh D, Kauzál O, Albrecht T, Ridl J, Schlebusch SA, Reifova R - Mechanisms of Programmed DNA elimination in songbirds

Friday, June 28th 

09.00-11.20: Session 7: Advanced in Animal Genomics and Epigenomics
                    Chairpersons: Paolella Giovanni, Biffani Stefano

09.00-9.30: Lecture 11: Gonzalez-Recio Oscar - Capturing additional genetic and epigenetic variance by third generation sequencing.

9.30-10.00: Lecture 12: Di Croce Fernando - Advancing Dairy Farming with Genomics: Improving Profit, Sustainability, and Cow Health.

10.15-10.30: Krasikova A, Kulikova T, Schelkunov M, Makarova N, Fedotova A, Berngardt V, Maslova A, Fedorov A- Hypertranscription on the lateral loops of chicken lampbrush chromosomes is aimed to produce maternal RNA for thousands of genes

10.30-10.45: Zhou H - Functional annotation of regulatory elements and its application on identification genetic variants associated with complex traits in farm animals

10.45-11.00: Faraut T, Mary N, Valton AL, Barasc H, Calgaro A, Marrauld C, Pinton A - Illustration of a deep learning approach to identify key genomic sequence features of 3D genome organization.

11.00-11.20: Presentation of the Avantor - VWR International (sponsor)

11.20- 11.50-Coffee break and poster vision

11.50-13.20: Session 8: Cytogenetic and Genomic Characterization of Animal Biodiversity
                      Chairpersons : Szczerbal Izabela, Krasokova Alla

11.50-12.20: Lecture 13: Terlizzi Antonio - Invasive marine species: transforming a threat into a resource.

12.20-12.35: D’Anza E, Pugliano M, Piscopo N, Cascone I, Rossetti A, Ciotola F, Peretti V, Albarella S - Origin of the current wild boar population of Campania region (Italy) and SNPS identification in RelA gene.

12.35-12.50: Pereira JC, Mestre VF, Castro F, Costa S, Escudeiro A, Barros P, Chaves R, Ray D, Cabral JA, Adega F - The highly conserved karyotype of the myotis genus (chiroptera, vespertillionidae): what is making the difference?

12.50-13.05: Di-Nizo CB, Suh A, Fischer L, Fischer D, Schwarzer J, Astrin JJ - The importance of cell banking to species chromosome characterization and conservation.

13.05-13.20: Pessoa GP, Di-Nizo CB, Senzaki BM, Pires CAF, Oliveira IS, Silva MJJ - Cytogenetics on snakes (serpentes: squamata) in a phylogenetic context.

13.20-14.30: Lunch and poster vision

14.30-15.45: Poster vision (at least one author’s poster must be present in the poster section)

15.45-16.00: Poster removal

16.00-18.00: Naples’ Tour “Tunnel Borbonico” Via D. Morelli, 61 – c/o Morelli parking.

21.00: Conference Dinner: Restaurant Transatlantico, Via Luculliana, 15 (Borgo Marinaro)

Saturday, June 29th

9.00-10.15: Session 9: Cytogenetics and Genomics of Invertebrates
                   Chairpersons: Sharakhov Igor, Sharakhova Maria

09.00-09.30: Lecture 14: Gokhman Vladimir - Comparative cytogenetics of the order Hymenoptera (Insecta).

09.30-09.45: Sharakhov IV, Lukyanchikova V, Brusentsov I - Dynamics of the 3d genome architecture in the malaria mosquito development.

09.45-10.00: Pistucci R, Varlese R, Di Prisco G, Iannuzzi A. - Telomere Length as biomarker of wellness in honey bees (Apis mellifera, L.).

10.00-10.15: Nugnes F, Ascolese R, Carbone C, Miele F, Pica F, Bernardo U - Oriental fruit fly invasion in southern italy: understanding genetic variability, spread and potential threats to agriculture

10.15-10.45: Coffee break

10.45-13.15: Session 10 - Poster presentation and discussion
                       Chairpersons: Zhou Huaijun, Nicolae Ioana, Consiglia Longobardi

10.45-12.45: brief presentation of 15 posters (8 min each)

12.45-13.15: General discussion on the topic’s poster

13.15-13.30: Poster awards (five poster)

13.30-13.40: Conclusions and next meeting 2026 (Porto, Portugal, Raquel Chaves, Chairwoman)

13.40: Lunch


Organizing Secretariat: